Are you planning to go on vacation? Well, you probably have a difficult time choosing suitable accommodation. Read the excerpt below to learn the various holiday accommodation options and how to choose your accommodation. 


They are the most popular type of holiday accommodation. Hotels are ideal for people who would want to enjoy cooked meals and other hotel amenities such as free Wi-Fi and cable television. Some hotels may provide luxury services such as airport transfers, free guides and transport. When choosing a hotel, conduct some due diligence to ascertain the hotel's reputation. Internet and social media reviews will help you verify the kind of service provided by the hotel's staff. Book your hotel a few weeks before the hot season to take advantage of low season discounts. 

Holiday Parks

Holiday parks are designed to provide accommodation for camping and caravan enthusiasts. Modern holiday parks have RV dumping stations and camping grounds for people who do not want to sleep in their camper vans. Besides, you will also find ensuite cabins and family cottages. Below are some tips to help you choose a holiday park.  

  • Examine the price structure. For instance, you may have to pay an extra charge to drain your RV or use a cottage.
  • Inquire about the available services. For example, if you plan to travel with your kids, choose a holiday park with recreational facilities such as swimming pools and children playgrounds.
  • Check the location of the holiday park. You may need a vehicle with high ground clearance if the holiday park is located far from the main road.
  • Holiday parks situated close to water bodies or mountains are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy water sports or hiking.


Hostels are a favourite among budget travellers who do not have a lot to spend as they travel. More often than not, guests sleep in a dorm-like facility. You may have to share the washrooms and living area with other guests. Hostels have a kitchen where you can make your food. It is a sure way to save on food. 

Holiday Apartments

Holiday apartments are common among people travelling as a group. They have a spacious kitchen and living area where you can entertain guests. Most apartments have cable television and free Wi-Fi. Luxury apartments may have a swimming pool. They may also have staff to make your favourite meals, clean the apartment and wash your clothes.  

You should now have an easy time choosing your holiday accommodation. Evaluate your situation to determine whether you will book a hotel, holiday park, hostel or holiday apartment.