When looking for holiday accommodation in various hotels around the country, you may come across package deals that advertise all-inclusive meal plans. This means that for an upfront fee, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and other beverages during your stay. Many travellers tend to shy away from all-inclusive meal plans because of the additional cost.

While you may think that you can save more by preparing your own meals (or eating outside the hotel), there are additional benefits you may be forgetting by not signing up for these plans. Here are several benefits of all-inclusive meal plans that you can enjoy during your hotel stay.

1. Save on costs 

So you chose to forego an all-inclusive meal package so you could keep more money in your pocket. But are you really saving by doing this? Preparing your own meals while on vacation may certainly be cheaper, but remember that it takes lots of time and effort. After spending a busy day on the beach or touring the city, are you really prepared to spend one to two hours cooking for the entire family? Worse still, the kids may be hungry and looking for a meal like yesterday.

You may think that foregoing an all-inclusive meal plan will result in savings, only for you to order a la carte off the hotel menu. You may also end up eating out more often than you had planned, which is also an expensive option.

2. Access to nutrition information

While on holiday, it's important to watch what you eat. You or your kids may have allergies and other dietary restrictions that may result in health complications- and the last thing you want is to become sick while soaking in the sun by the poolside.

An all-inclusive meal plan allows you to thoroughly inspect all nutrition information contained in the meals provided. You can also request for recipe modifications to replace any ingredients you may be allergic to.

3. Limit the risk of food poisoning

Eating at a restaurant you may not be familiar with can also expose you to potential food poisoning. This risk is even greater if it's your first time at a specific holiday destination. All-inclusive meal plans at a hotel provide you with a secure source of meals and beverages. And if you do obtain food poisoning due to a hotel meal, you can be compensated for any damages incurred.

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