When travelling across country on a sightseeing adventure, one of the best means of transport to use is a caravan since they provide the luxury of travelling on a homelike vehicle. Caravans are useful because they eliminate the cost of booking hotels as well as provide ample space to bring essential stuff when travelling. Upon reaching a destination, it is normal to look for a caravan site where the vehicle can get parking space as well as a compound to pitch a tent if need be. However, before deciding on a particular caravan site, there are some considerations to be made first. Below are some factors that determine the suitability of a site for a family vacation.

Factors to consider:

Pitch Size. The pitch size needed is determined by a number of factors. One factor is the size of the caravan and whether it will include an awning. Another factor is the presence of children as well as pets that require a substantial amount of space to play in. Ideally, it's best to look for a larger pitch size just in case the extra space can be handy for different activities such as Barbequing or cooking outdoors.

Facilities and amenities available. Various caravan sites provide different services depending on the people who utilize them. Remember this is a vacation and as such there are numerous amenities the family should enjoy. For instance, if looking for a site with the presence of restaurants nearby, a swimming pool, and shopping malls, it is advisable to look at a site located near a town or village. One amenity most people fail to look for, especially in sites that are located in remote areas, is the availability of power. Powered caravan sites are the best option because people often need electricity to light their caravans as well as to operate electrical equipment such as laptops and phones.

Security. During a vacation, most of the time will be spent away from the caravan site as people often go to explore the new towns and indulge in the local culture. Hence, the caravan site should have adequate security round the clock to prevent pilferage or vandalism from occurring. Before renting space on a caravan site, it is essential to check and ask for the security measures in place for the tenants. A good site should have patrolling security personnel as well as CCTV cameras.

Price. The rate charged at a caravan site usually depends on the lot size allocated, available amenities and proximity to feature attractions in the area. The nearer a site is to an attraction and the more the number of amenities available at the site usually translates to a higher price range as opposed to other sites that have limited number of amenities.