While they may not be everyone's cup of tea, especially if your family has very small children, driving holidays can be a great way of seeing more the country at a reasonable price.  Just get in your car, pick a destination city and go - and let the spontaneity form part of the fun!  Here are some tips for planning and enjoying a brilliant driving holiday.

Stay at Motels

Save on your costs by stopping at motels along the way.  Rooms can be very affordable, and sometimes you'll be lucky enough to find a hidden gem.  Some roadside motels now even have pools - and there's no telling what kind of other people you'll meet while you're there.  If spontaneity scares you, you'll be able to search your route online and pick which motels to stay at along the way.  They'll be nicely and conveniently signposted from the road.

Don't Be Overambitious

If this is your first driving holiday, don't aim to cross the breadth of Australia in one go!  If you start small, you won't have to spend more than one day on the road, even if you hate it.  However, once you know that the sights and the exploration are for you, then you can start to dream a little bigger.

Manage Your Expectations with Food

It's unlikely you'll be stopping at many fine dining establishments across the way, so don't expect to have your taste buds tickled!  For most people this is just fine, but if you really can't stomach the idea of fast food or cheap diner fare, you may want to plot your trip more carefully and incorporate a few stops at towns and cities along your way.  You could also pack your own food, but nothing beats the satisfaction of a nice cooked meal after a long day's travel.

Treat Yourself on Arrival

With all the money you've saved from driving to your destination, and staying in lower-priced motels, it might be possible to treat yourself at your final destination and stay in luxury accommodation.  This way, you get the best of both worlds - the spirit of adventure as you make your way there, and perfect relaxation once you arrive.

Again, while it may not be for everyone, just setting off on the road with you, your loved ones and your car can be really exciting.  You never know what you might see along the way - and isn't that how all the best memories are made